NO MORE BS: The Plagiarization of Biden, and America’s Future

The fact that Joe Biden plagiarizes is no secret. In fact, Joe Biden has been Joe Biden’s worst enemy where plagiarization and running for president cross paths. Want to know how bad Biden plagiarizes, 14 Jan 2021, the news were quick to proclaim that “Biden has put forward his ‘COVID Relief Package,’ of $1.9 Trillion.” The plan Biden offers is almost word-for-word the same plan pushed forward by President Trump last June that Speaker Pelosi rejected. Still, thinking Biden will be good, and the government is not creating the COVID crisis?

Theres moreFrankly, this information from the New York Times is essential, “The New York Times wrote that Biden’s “weak filters make him capable of blurting out pretty much anything.” One has to wonder, what will Joe plagiarize next? Who will Joe plagiarize next? He has already plagiarized from communists, socialists, and businesspeople. Does Joe have a voice of his own? Does Joe have a spine? Can America trust Joe? Worse, when Joe is finally diagnosed with the mental disease he obviously is suffering from, what can we expect from Harris? Who does Harris nominate for vice president? No one is currently asking this question, and I cannot help but wonder why?

In the final weeks before the election, Joe was reported as saying something to the effect of “if there are disagreements between himself and Harris, Harris’ position wins.” While I have not yet found this news article, again, I remain concerned about the Biden/Harris dynamics and at what goes on behind closed doors and secret service officers. Since neither Harris nor Biden is renowned for telling the truth, and with the fraud evidence in the 2020 Elections staying an open topic, America should be genuinely concerned about who is “actually” running the White House. Add in Joe’s ties to China, Russia through Ukraine, and many others, and the influence-peddling that hangs like a millstone about both Biden and Harris’ necks, and real security concerns emerge that need to be addressed!

Another concern, During Obama’s first term in office, the Democrats enjoyed super-majorities in the House and Senate. While the margins are dramatically slimmer, Biden/Harris enjoy Democratic Rule again in the House and Senate. Re-opening the concern about what will these bodies of Congress do in abusing Americans? Especially since there remain so many liberal leftists who hide behind their Republican Party credentials. 

ProblemsConsider the Pelosi Political Grudge match, President Trump’s second impeachment, and one can see the problem quite clearly. Leaving me asking, “Why should we trust those elected to perform their jobs, legally, morally, and properly?”

A Republic finds its history lodged in Plato’s writings, who called a republic “possessing the structure and composition of the ideal state.” James Madison provides America with the only definition needed for America to be a democracy.

“We may define a republic to be … a government which derives all its powers directly or indirectly from the great body of the people; and is administered by persons holding their offices during pleasure, for a limited period, or during good behaviour [Emphasis added].” 

A republic is a government system where the supreme power rests in citizens’ rights to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them. Finally, a republic is recognized by the head of the government, not being a monarch or other hereditary head of state. America has a Constitution that leaves all the power of the government in the hands of its legal citizens. Legal citizens are not impostor aliens or terrorists captured on a battlefield; thus, US Constitutional Rights do not apply or cover these entities. A Republic is formed around the principle that through property ownership, freedom is generated. A Republic requires time, majorities that surpass a simple majority, and when personal property is threatened or removed from individual citizens, that Republic slips into a democracy. A Democracy cannot climb into being a Republic, but the Republic can be reduced to a democracy.

Government Largess 3Democracy is associated with the “rule by the people,” or a simple majority wins. The associations of democracy have become more twisted since the mid-1930s. Therein lies the problem, democracies have existed under the feudal system of government, the communists have tried to instill democratic changes, and dictators like Maduro in Venezuela have employed democracy. Democracy, other than being dangerous, is the belief that simple majority rules for everyone. Winston Churchill is correct, “No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time-to-time.” The reason democracy is dangerous is the belief that people control the rule when they have nothing to do with the ruling. 

The “Rule of Law does not bind rulers of a democracy” they are only restricted by statistics reported in opinion polls, which Mark Twain aptly called “Damned lies.”

Consider the United Kingdom is a “Democratic Polyarchy” as they have a hereditary monarch ruler and a democratic parliament; when the people demanded an exit from the European Union, the supposedly democratic parliament stymied and thwarted the people’s will to keep the United Kingdom in the European Union—wasting resources and years to stymy the will of the people. Venezuela is a democracy where the constitution was destroyed for personal power. Venezuela was bankrupted for the enrichment of the few, and the people are now left starving, wondering where their country went.

PatriotismAmerica’s founders were interested in creating a representative democracy under a republican form of government to protect individuals’ property rights that generates the most freedom for the most people. Under a republican form of government, everyone is first bound by the rule of law. In America’s case, the code we are all united under is the US Constitution, where even the government must answer to the lowest of citizens. A Republican form of government does not mean that the Political Party “Republicans” are the party to rule exclusively. The plasticization of words and terms continues to create confusion where politics is concerned. America was never expected to be a direct democracy, America is not a “Constitutional Democracy” as many in Washington DC continue to believe erroneously! 

Here is where the fallacy resides, a constitutional democracy would only require a simple majority to enact new clauses in the constitution. America’s Constitution requires ¾’s of the individual US States to ratify a Constitutional Amendment after the Constitutional Amendment has won supermajorities in the US House of Representatives and the Senate. Thus, any fourth-grade student who has passed American history can tell how and why America is NOT a “Constitutional Democracy!” A “Constitutional Democracy” is fallacious, deceiving, and meant to create confusion in the populace. Since too many elected officials from both parties continue to disregard their constituents, I expect more. Still, I have realized they will not adhere to providing a higher level of respect for the offices they individually hold, representing their constituents across the political spectrum.

Since we are discussing the rule of law, republics, and other related topics, let us dig a little into an item that is killing America and her freedom, the loss of private property. Charles Reich, an American legal scholar and an author who was a Professor at Yale Law School, wrote a paper every American citizen needs to read and be concerned over. This paper is referenced below, and the link is active.

LinkedIn ImageStarting in the 1930s, during the “Great Depression,” changes were made to America’s methods of governance by the President, a willing media, and sycophants in the Senate and House, where the Federal and State Governments could begin to rule by largesse; picking winners and losers based upon obeisance to a bureaucrat’s whims, wishes, and will. Reich lays out this history, walks the reader through the laws, and makes the case that because of democratic rule America’s Republic has been reduced to a feudal system where the government decides who gets the largesse and who does not. 

With the Federal and State Governments making these decisions, businesses do not compete fairly upon their own merits but upon how much taxpayer money they can bamboozle from Uncle Sam. Unfortunately, the entire system hinges upon reducing private property ownership and the freedoms private property allows to feed the ever-hungry beast of Government consumption.

Government Largess 4A perfect example is found in K-12 Schools. When a school insists they need more money from the taxpayer, they blame poverty and race as to why their students cannot learn, unless more money is poured into a failing school to purchase a “magic bullet,” e.g., an expensive new toy, technology, or program. Providing three lies in one to the taxpayer, and excusing designed incompetence for the failure of students who have been abused by the teachers and school board. Race governing ability is the first lie. Poverty dictating intellect forms the second lie. More money needed in K-12 Education is the third lie. The designed incompetence that allows or encourages a teacher to pass a student that does not meet the learning standards is an abuse of students, not a problem of funding. Here is government largesse in action; if the school board does not adhere to race and poverty lies affecting intellectual ability, it does not get more Federal taxpayer funds. Repeatedly, we see these lies vociferously declared in the media, that poverty and race are holding a school/student back, and the government needs to spend more money.  In reality, leadership in the school, reinstating the teacher’s authority, and respect is required for those schools, not more government largess, and indeed not another program or technology that no one can afford will fail to achieve the sales pitch.

quote-mans-inhumanity-2Thus, America needs to demand change through the ballot box, to insist that freedom and private property are returned to the people, and those representatives who have no moral center, or cannot serve their constituents from both parties equally, are removed from politics, indefinitely! Since America is a Republic and not a democracy (yet!), the problems in representation can be solved.


Charles A. Reich, The New Property, 73 Yale L.J. (1964). Available at:

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