About: M. Dave Salisbury

Welcome, I am glad you are here!

I am a Doctoral Candidate working on completing a dissertation on Call Center Training (2022).  Having completed an MBA in Global Management specializing in Human Resource Management and a Masters in Adult Education and Training, I have worked in many industries across the US.  I am a highly skilled and experienced project manager, independent contractor, and business analyst.  I possess skills in logistics and supply chain management, operations development, customer relations, and training people for success, among many others.

I am D & C Consulting with experience in call center development, customer relations improvement, process, and procedure design, change management, and operational improvement.  I have helped develop industrial strategies and led teams in change management and several machinery upgrade projects that included changing operating procedures and writing the standard operating procedures (SOP).  I have worked in industrial, manufacturing, and service industries to build the business and grow bottom-line performance by improving organizational design, people processes, and enhancing adult education and training.

I do not believe in customer service but customer helping, as Dale Dauten and Jeffrey Gitomer outlined.  I believe in the power of free people to become more independent, to become greater through exercising individual freedom, and to thrive.  I believe in constitutionally limited government.  A major part of industrial and organizational psychology is recognizing the various inputs in human relations that cause problems.  Unfortunately, the current political situation in every representative government is part of the problems businesses are facing and must be discussed if success is to be obtained.

If these writings enlighten, uplift, or provide ideas for you to improve, please drop me a line and let me know about your success.  Feel free to leave comments at the bottom of articles; I do not censor, but I believe in non-emotional, logic-based approaches to communicating.  If you would like to hire my company to assist you, please feel free to contact me through LinkedIn.com or Facebook.com.  I would see your business succeed, and together we can create the environment for success to grow.  Before you lay off employees or close your doors, please allow me to see if new thinking on the employee/employer relationship can aid your business to create success.

Thank you for visiting; please return shortly and often!


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