Water Has Memory

Leonardo Da Vinci said:Water is the driving force of nature.”

In Disney’s movie Frozen II, Olaf posits that “Water has memory.”  Since I saw the movie for the first time, the concept of water having memory has been churning in my brain.  This got me thinking about water as a medium for recording.  Take some white blood cells and water mix, well, and you have plasma, essentially.  White and red blood cells, add water and keep it pumping, and you have blood.  Add suitable impurities to water, let it age, and we have all types of alcoholic beverages.  The tissues of the brain, to the best of scientific knowledge, are analogous to a computer’s motherboard.  Signals come in, get deciphered, and signals go out, electrical energy, but where are memories stored?  Is it possible that water is the medium for holding human memories?Water flames | Water candle, Burning candle, Candle quotes

Extend this thought; a computer is not much use without a hard drive and RAM, two different types of memory.  What is the body’s equivalent for a computer’s memory, water?  Possibly, how can we test this hypothesis?  Let’s consider logically how we can observe the role of memory and the power of water.

Consider a dehydrated person; they will experience higher-level thinking problems until rehydrated.  Drinking alcohol displaces water in the body, and dehydration occurs, which also includes memory loss.  Hangovers after alcohol consumption are alleviated by drinking copious amounts of water.  However, some will only drink coffee, tea, or soda, and the effects of alcohol consumption are doubled and tripled, not alleviated after alcohol consumption.Sunset Sea Water Trees Romantic Pictures Landscapes Wallpaper Hd ...

We are surrounded by water in various colors, additives, flavors, and more.  Water has an influence beyond merely drinking it regularly.  How water influences and why water influences remain a mystery.  Gaze upon a sun setting over the water, and romance is born.  Gaze upon a stormy sea, and fear builds uncontrollably.  Smell the water changing from the deep ocean to salt marshlands, and you will never forget the smell of water.  Another visceral memory is the smell of stagnant water, not swamp water, stagnant water, which has pollutants and is not flowing; the water can influence strong physical reactions.

I’ve met lots of people who are trapped in their memories of a traumatic water experience, e.g., almost drowned, at risk of drowning, water was used as a punishment, etc., and the fear inherent in this experience with water, makes the person powerfully emotionally tied to water avoidance.  British soldiers fighting in the deserts reported the heat made them thirsty, and this thirst never left them.  Thus, we can see that water, like smell, forms powerful, life-changing memories in humans.

Water is the only chemical compound that can exist as a liquid, a solid, and a gas and be useful in each physical form.  But Olaf’s theory is that water has memory, not just that water is tied to memories.  Can water hold a shape and remember that shape?  Astoundingly, scientists in 1993 duplicated an experiment from 19881, where water behaved in a way that amazed scientists, and the results cannot be explained.  The experiments reflected that water records and saves information and remembers everything that met it.  How was this information met in the scientific community; derision.  Why am I not surprised?  Never forget, the same scientific community includes those who refused hand washing as critical to patient health.  Supporting the claim that science is learning how to learn, how to think, and methodologically examine why things happen.

Interestingly, research reflects that water doesn’t just have memory but can affect and be influenced by people’s emotions2.  Music influences people’s emotions; we all know this, and the research is clear on the connection between emotion and music.  Emoto expanded this connection on the crystalline structures of water and found that words, music, and human emotions affect water.  Again, the scientific community is torn on this research and heavily debates the findings, methodologies, and results.De.mem water treatment deals fail to make a splash with investors ...

However, this doesn’t change the possibility of human knowledge having a current technical limitation, and as technology grows, we can improve our understanding of water and memory.  Full disclosure, I am not a chemist or scientist in the traditional understanding.  I am a lifelong learner who faces the world with skepticism and wonder.  I remain fascinated with chaos theory to understand randomness, order, and irregularities in systems.

Mental health and water; leaving the semi-firm realm of scientific inquiry, we step into the unknown and the hypothetical.  I am not claiming I am right in my thinking; merely recording the thoughts in my mind about the role of water, the supposition that water has memory, and discussing the potential implications.

One of the interesting corollaries I have discovered includes mental health and a person’s willingness to drink water.  Those who drink water as a desirable drink tend to have greater mental health.  Whereas those who despise drinking water, preferring any beverage to drinking water, and the mental health of these individuals was generally poor.  More interestingly, people with poor mental health have been known to improve their mental health through a more focused stance and favorable perception of water.  Leading me to ask about the possible connection between water and mental health.

Another intriguing link I have seen, in real-life experience and research, is the connection between physical health and drinking water willingly.  Consider a person I worked closely with on a project.  My colleague preferred whiskey and Mountain Dew to any other fluids.  My colleague complained of headaches, fatigue, and abdominal problems, but diet and fluid intake would not change.  An extreme example, but the question continues to ricochet in my mind, does potable water connect to physical health.

One of the articles reflecting the correlation between water and physical health discusses water found in recreational activities3 (lakes, streams, rivers, etc.).  Since the body is 90%+ water, and if water has memory, does this mean that water wastes carry off bad memories from the body?  Standard human biology has kidneys acting as a filtration system where fluid is filtered, and the product output is considered waste.  Did that water, ejected as waste, also carry away bad memories or memories that no longer help the body?Water Water Everywhere, NOT A DROP TO DRINK - ElefoBiotech

Does anything excite you to learn about, explore, study, and become more knowledgeable?  Water having memory does this for me.  How many emotional states include water?  Crying, water through tears.  Anger, water through sweating.  Laughter, water through tears if you laugh long and hard enough.  Does any of the water shed contain memories?

Recorded in scripture is a discussion about the Earth weeping.  Would this imply that the Earth is also sentient and the water covering her face is recording all the actions of the species who live here on?  Earth’s water is now the same volume of water that existed on Earth during Noah’s flood.  Where did Noah’s floods go, possibly into steam, clouds, ice, plants, animals, humans, etc.?  All are part of the answer, of this I am sure.

The need for water, including the makeup of physical bodies, and the use of water in a body, is shared by every organism on Earth.  Water ties us all together.  The need for potable water is universally equalizing across all species.  What if water has memory, recording the memories of all those species and providing the Earth a living memory like our brains record?

Science declares water cannot be destroyed.  Being elemental, water can be separated into hydrogen and oxygen molecules, but this did not destroy the water, merely changing its form.  Impurities can be added and subtracted to make many products, but water still is and can be filtered into potability and purity.  If water has memory and, as a medium recording, stores memories, wouldn’t it be awesome science to access these memories?Clean Brains, Fake Languages, and Scary Tech - JSTOR Daily

What are the implications that water records and holds memory?  Olaf posited an interesting theory, one which I am intrigued to explore.  Join me?  Let’s learn!


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Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? – The Role of the Citizen in Government

Public Service NoteThe links in this article are essential to review.  If you know better resources, please let me know in the comments.  Thank you!

QuestionIn The Satires, VI, Juvenal poses a question of great importance, “Who will watch the watchmen?”  As more and more dirt on a host of politicians comes to the fore, as China expands its heinous reach in the Pacific Ocean, threatening trade and disrupting lives, as the Russia/Ukraine crisis grows, we, the citizens, are left asking this question.  There is only one answer, we, the citizens of representative governments, are charged with watching the watchmen.  A more critical and cogent point has not presented itself in these writings.

Regularly I write about the findings of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) – Office of Inspector General (VA-OIG).  As a disabled veteran, a person falsely arrested, injured by VA Police Officers, and flagged fallaciously as a “behavioral problem,” I am a watcher of the watchmen and report on the findings.  Unfortunately, the VA has turned both a blind eye and a deaf ear to the VA-OIG and my summarizations of the VA-OIG’s conclusions.  You, the taxpayer, need to know what the government is doing in your name and with your tax dollars.  We, are the watchmen tasked with watching the watcher (elected political officials), who were hired (elected) to scrutinize the government.  Is our role in the direct representative government of this constitutional republic clear?Apathy

Did you know your neighbors sued the Baltimore Public School system for breach of public trust?  For more than 40 years, the Baltimore Public School system has intellectually abused children and misappropriated public funds through forced taxation.  The unelected school district has done this while tax revenues drop precipitously, students cannot read (yet still pass high school graduation), and the neighborhoods in Baltimore become more unsafe.  Illiteracy is directly tied to crime rates, poverty, and helplessness; yet, the school board in Baltimore cannot even be bothered to allow parents the right of school choice.  What is the role of citizens in Baltimore, the same as it is everywhere else; protect children, scrutinize government, elect different leaders, and watch more closely those elected to protect the rights of all citizens.  “Who will watch the watchmen;” you are the watchers of the watchmen, and you are being lulled to sleep!

In our constitutional republic, we have three co-equal branches of government, the executive, the legislative, and the judicial.  President Biden is reported to be in full swing of destroying the power of the judicial.  Recently the world watched aghast while a wholly unqualified person was measured for a position with the Supreme Court, the court of last resort in American Jurisprudence.  President Biden is on record claiming he would nominate the first black woman to the supreme court; after ensuring that two other more qualified women of color were refused nomination earlier in his career.  Do you sense a hypocrite, liar, and charlatan?  The judge nominated cannot tell the difference between a man and a woman, allows sexual predators to have lighter sentences as she legislated from the bench.  Yet, we, the watchers, are expected to believe she is remarkably qualified and uniquely capable of sitting on the Supreme Court.  I have serious reservations, not because she is a woman or a person of color.  My reservations rest solely upon her record as a judge, which I find detestable at best.Patriotism

Everyone is aware, COVID-19 has plagued the world since late 2019, originating in China, and the costs have been exorbitant and extreme.  Only until the Russia/Ukraine crisis came along did the global media find a new story for wall-to-wall, 24/7 coverage like feckless beasts fighting for a bone.  Repeating only for emphasis, “Where has the opposition party been during COVID-19?”  The watchers, every single one, from the mayor to the US House and Senate, went to sleep and allowed bureaucrats to overcome law and common sense to the detriment of every single citizen.  Where did the watchers go, and why did they leave the citizenry to the incautious, ineffectual, inefficacious, and abortive bureaucrats who fired professionals, broke the law without regard, and still are running free?  Liberties, rights, freedoms, were stolen without consideration, and the opposition party was nowhere to be found.  Indeed, “Who will watch the watchmen?”

The Duty of AmericansOn the topic of China, why is Marco Rubio the only member of the US Congress willing to say aloud what the citizenry is wondering?  2020 closed with China owning $1.9 BILLION or roughly 192,000 acres of prime American farmland.  Want to know where those crops grown on American soil go; I bet you can guess they aren’t traveling to US Supermarkets.  China is still buying prime farmland, and nobody in the US House or Senate is willing to listen to farmers, ranchers, and dairymen about how their land is being purchased by China and they run out of business.  Rep. Dan Newhouse was quoted regarding farmland ownership by Chinese investors as a national security issue.  “The current trend in the United States is leading us toward the creation of a Chinese-owned agricultural land monopoly.  There are currently no federal safeguards against the creation of this monopoly.”  In response to Rep. Dan Newhouse, Rep Grace Meng proclaimed, “Can we honestly say that this Amendment, which singles out one country, won’t have repercussions on Asian-Americans across our country?  Let’s include all of our adversaries.”

Who will watch the watchmen?” An honest and fair question.  I agree that no enemy of America should be allowed to own land inside America.  Not that Saudi Arabia is an enemy to America, but it is important to note not just China is purchasing farms and ranchland in America.  Worse, fresh water in California is regularly purchased to grow alfalfa for shipping to the Saudi Kingdom.  California keeps declaring they are in a drought.  The water crisis continues with or without Saudi purchases through the government’s mismanagement of resources, the need for liquid capital to keep the debt wolves away from the door, and the silly environmental laws.  “Who will watch the watchmen; is apt and very important when discussing national security issues, the acquisitions of foreign entities inside America, and the need to meet citizen needs before foreign markets.quote-mans-inhumanity

On the topic of Biden, specifically the Hunter Biden laptop and the shady deals with China, one has to ask about the timing of China’s massive land purchases ramping up.  At the same time, Joey was Vice President, and Hunter was slipping the “Big Man” money.  The Hunter Biden laptop story has been closely followed since October 2020, and the revelations released in the various news outlets on this story leave me appalled, alarmed, and amazed.  I keep asking myself about the timing, why Joey was so valuable an investment, and the answer lies in his access to Obama.  One of the media pundits discussed how Obama and Clinton are tied into the sale of access by Joey, and not all of the financial analysis is completed even now.  Leaves me asking who got paid and why during the Obama presidency?  A careful records review shows China going on a land purchasing spree simultaneously, and more questions for Secretary of State Clinton need to be addressed immediately!  “Who will watch the watchmen?”Beware of Scam Phone Calls and Emails Disguised as Vendors : The New York City District Council ...

Detective 3The US Constitution, in the 10th Amendment, provides all the authority any citizen needs to demand the watchers scrutinize the government and, if required, replace the watchers.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

We, the citizens, own the direct representative government in America, and it is time for those elected to fear the citizenry.  Not because we have become violent, but because we are firing them, electing new representatives, and holding those removed from office accountable for their mismanagement while in elected office.  Our country is being sold out from under our feet by those elected to office, and it is time they are held accountable before the bar of justice.  Our national security is a hiss and an insult to them, all while they become enriched, and their children funnel money, and I am sick to death of seeing this nepotism.  We, the watchers of the watchmen, deserve answers from transparent and speedy investigations that conclude with people wearing distinctive clothing and permanently disgraced.

Knowledge Check!How have the watchmen become millionaires while holding public office?  This single question should be the watch cry of every single citizen in America until they are all held accountable and disgraced.  You deserve better watchers.  Our children deserve better watchers.  The world deserves better representatives of the people, by the people, and for the people.  Remember this in November!

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