The Kool-Aid Crowd and COVID

Bobblehead DollSince 2000, the US Federal Government has spent billions, if not hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to improve labels and then “educate” people into reading labels.  The laws passed have forced private businesses to spend hundreds of billions, if not trillions, of dollars in changing labeling on packaging and products to comply.  Go to any mask package and you will find similar:Mask Packaging

Recently I sought service at a Xfinity retail store and was denied service because I cannot wear a mask.  During this outing, I received severely dirty and threatening looks and attitudes from shoppers in a Walmart, all because I cannot wear a mask.  People are becoming violent, just as the government has demanded, to anyone not toeing the government COVID line, and this behavior reminded me of the Jim Jones religious cult.

President Biden is expected to force more people to listen to him threaten and try to scare Americans into getting vaccinated.  The mayors of Boston, Chicago, and New York continue to double down on activities that have not worked since February 2020.  The governors of California, New Mexico, Michigan, and others, continue to use powers not available to them in the name of “public health emergency.”  More mask mandates, more vaccination orders, and more “green passes” to exist.  Here’s the rub, how many of these solutions have worked; honestly, look at the data from February 2020 to December 2021, and tell me how many people were saved wearing masks.

People saved from these government freedom theft mandates, I guarantee, the number is NOT statistically significant!  How do I know; Australia, essentially a large island, has the strictest policies, and Omicron was still able to get onto the island.  How do I know; COVID infected children (school age K-12) have the same risks as uninfected children.  Who is the resource for this information, The New York Times!

Real numbers, Israel has one of the highest vaccinations and boosted populations on the globe; guess what, they also have the highest spike in Omicron infections!  Europe, socialized medicine, high vaccination and boosted populations, where the Omicron and Delta variants spiked infection rates.  Think of this for a moment, populations forced by government to vaccinate, and they are still passing around COVID infections, which is precisely viral science in action!

Peer reviewed researchers in the virus infection community have shown this life cycle of viral infections repeatedly since scientists began writing down what they do.  Vaccinated people pass around strains of viral mutation, which then infect other vaccinated people, until the virus mutates itself to death.  Please, do not believe me, look up this science for yourself, and you will come to a similar conclusion.  At the end of the day the viral infection community of scientists are plotting the death of COVID as a viral infection, but government elected leaders, and the bureaucrats powering the echo chamber of political thinking, will not give up the power theft committed since Feb 2020.

Jim Jones and the Kool-Aid cult suicide has been mocked, used as case studies in group think, and represents a dark time in human psychology and the abuse of religious thinking and adherence.  Guess what, the insanity of COVID-19 is as silly, irresponsible, and dangerous as Jim Jones and his cyanide-laced grape-flavored Kool-Aid.  Senator Manchin nailed it, government is beating the “living crap” out of every citizen, the beatings are intensified by the state government, and the county and city governments.  Yet, little Joey is going to continue to threaten, cajole, beat, and denigrate people using COVID as the excuse.

Did you get the vaccination just to appease government and end the beatings?  Are you able to unmask and live your life without COVID mandates, just because you got vaccinated?  I have friends here in NM who have masked, vaccinated, and done everything the government has demanded of them to avoid the government beatings.  They caught COVID, the whole family was quarantined, and extended family still caught COVID from my friends, once the quarantine was lifted, they gathered, and the extended, vaccinated, masked family caught COVID.  The repetition of this story is exhausting and provides clear proof the government beatings, mandates, and exercised powers are NOT helping but hurting, and make the Jim Jones Kool-Aid episode even more appropriate.

The science from South Africa, where Omicron variant was identified, reports the COVID virus stays in the nose and mouth region.  Guess what, so does the common cold virus, and there has NEVER been an attempt to vaccinate against the ever changing common cold.  We, the citizens of representative government, are the owners of government and it is time we take the reigns and stop the Kool-Aid massacre.  Government should never hold the power over an individual citizen’s health, welfare, or ability to pursue happiness.  Yet, this is exactly what the government bureaucrats want you to give to the government to stop COVID.  Since February 2020, has this worked?  Answer this question as well; how much faster would herd immunity have been achieved had government done what it has done for every other Chinese virus, which is nothing?

Look at recent history, Asian Flu, Hong Kong Flu, Bird Flu A (H5N1), Swine Flu, SARS, etc. the government did nothing.  NO shutdowns, no mandates, no economic stimulus, no job losses for those not vaccinating, no Big Pharma money pump for vaccinations of dubious nature, and the world did not end.  Did some people die; yes.  Did some people get sick; yes.  But herd immunity was faster and more effective than any action the government could think would have worked.  Dear reader, to you I ask, “Are you better off for the government intervention on COVID-19?”  I know my answer, but to you I leave the question and the answer.

Now, flash forward 10-years in your mind.  The real death toll of government intervention is still being hidden, but the deaths from a dubious vaccine are scaring populations silly.  When do we ask ourselves if the forced government vaccinations are the cause for infertility, for economic destruction, and for the massacre of human dreams and lives?  Who do we blame after the money is spent and the vaccines have irretrievably destroyed wide swaths of populations?  When vaccinated children whose risk from COVID remains minimal are sick, twisted with pain, or are dying in droves with reduced life expectancies, but the government continues to defend “doing something in the face of COVID.”

If the Jim Jones religious cult comparison is not appropriate now, when will it be appropriate and concerning to every single citizen across the globe?  Do you know the phrase “Judas Goat?”  The Judas Goat is the goat that befriends sheep, and then leads them to their doom in a slaughterhouse.  Belief in the omni-powerful government is a myth and a Judas Goat, yet to not blindly follow the government mandates is to be refused employment (nurses, firefighters, doctors, police officers, etc.) to be denied service (anyone unable to wear a mask), to be refused legal protection, and be castigated as heretic.  Jim Jones’ believers did similarly to everyone not believing, and they are all dead!  Those who are skeptical of the Judas Goat, are also dead, but their fellow sheep herd went first.

I admit, from day one (October-November 2019) when I first began reading of a new viral infection killing people in China, I have been skeptical, concerned, and boring the daylights out of my wife with the reports, the history, the potential ramifications of this new viral infection.  But in my most fevered nightmares I never thought the government could assume and amass so much power without citizens becoming rebellious.  Flash forward two-years, three arrests for not being able to physically wear a mask, fines, and economical losses incalculable, and my horror is just starting, when I see the vaccinated kids, the shutdown schools, the lost opportunities and potential, and the “hits just keep coming” from government and the bureaucrats.

? is using biological warfare against the world; but the Chinese government is to blame, not the people of China.  I repeat, only for emphasis, do the research yourself.  Make your own decisions.  Unlike the government, Big Tech, and the bureaucrats hungry for power, I trust you to use your freedom and powers of critical thinking.  We might not reach the exact same conclusions, but we can still respect each other, and being better informed from reputable sources improves us both.  Political party be hanged, we are humans first and we need each other.  Please, do not go quietly into that dark night like the sheep entering a slaughterhouse, following the Judas Goat who has skipped aside to miss the consequences.

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America – Who Makes the Laws?

QuestionThe director of the CDC has declared she can eliminate the eviction of renters not paying rent, even though the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) and the US President have declared her executive action is both unconstitutional and illegal.  Yet, with the US House of Representatives and the US Senate silent, who makes the rules, enforces the laws, and scrutinizes the government?  Who in the three co-equal branches of government is required to oversee and reign in government workers taking liberties and unconstitutional action?

The Mayor of New York, multiple Governors of various states, have all issued threats regarding the need for health passports, or the equivalent, to eat in public, visit the gym, go to work, go to school, and so forth.  All of which are frankly illegal in America.  There are no changes to the laws, rule by executive fiat without care for science, medical privacy, and personal privacy.

Question 3The US President has an ongoing national health crisis and national security crisis on the US/Mexico border, where unhealthy illegal immigrants are being smuggled into America, and then spread throughout America, paid for by US Taxpayers, with no legislative branch scrutiny, no judicial branch scrutiny, and no accountability or transparency.  The US President is doing this without the public knowledge, aided and abetted by a complicit and willing media, and assisted by hundreds of political action groups receiving US Tax Dollars.  Protected by state and federal agencies from the American public, shrouded in mystery, and refused sunlight disinfectant.  Allowed solely because the speakers (major and minor) in the US House and Senate refuse to make noise about the issues the president is creating.

          • There is no information on the use of the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine with other vaccines.
          • There is no information on the use of the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine with other vaccines.
          • There is no information on the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine with other vaccines.

Three separate vaccines, three separate pieces of literature, all copied, with links from the FDA website, all three stating similar language; it was almost as if the three independent companies had sat down and written the brochures for their vaccines in the same conference room.  Who mandated these brochures; the FDA, and the CDC.  Who demanded these safety guidelines for the vaccines as disclaimers; the FDA, and the CDC.  Who is overseeing the COVID response for the executive branch?  Who is controlling the executive branch and providing scrutiny through the US House and US Senate?

Exclamation MarkWhy do I ask these questions; because every single vaccine for COVID has chemicals in them that are marked and sold with the labels, “Not fit for human or animal consumption” or “for research purposes only.”  Don’t believe me!  Check it out for yourself!

The first example, Moderna Vaccine, contains lipids, lipids are made up of SM-102, Polyethylene glycol [PEG] 2000 dimyristoyl glycerol [DMG], cholesterol, and 1,2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine [DSPC]).  I can only go from what I read on websites, and I am not a chemist, biochemist, or scientist.  But, I have used polyethylene glycol as a cleaning agent on gas turbine engines and realize chemicals come in all types and varieties.  However, I am still concerned about what is being shot into my body.  Especially the long-term side effects, which none of the pharmaceutical companies will discuss.  Nor can I get any discussion with multi-drug interactions; for example, will any of the prescription drugs currently being taken interact with the vaccine?  I have asked my questions of medical professionals and never gotten any logical responses.

When you run out of medical providers to ask, one must begin discussing the problems with lawmakers.  Yet, the lawmakers refuse to answer questions.  Who do you turn to then?  Is the problem apparent?  In America, we have the freedom to ask questions, for now.  Yet, nobody will answer my questions; thus, I must conclude there is a reason for actively refusing to answer questions, and my following action is to begin chasing the money.Plato 2

The New York Times recently deleted a bunch of pro-China articles written over the last decade or so.  The deleted articles were written while The New York Times and a multiplicity of other prominent newspapers and media channels received large cash donations from China.  The stories printed concerning ownership of islands China claimed and stole from other countries, lands along borders hotly contested with China’s neighbors, and the writing was always in a pro-China slant.  Frankly, I do not care if the newspapers and media shill for China; just do not try and call the fluff pieces news.

Since the fluff pieces were labeled as news, there is the potential for laws to have been broken, misrepresentation to have occurred, and media influence by an openly hostile and aggressive country possibly occurred.  Something legislators should be very interested in and should be scrutinizing heavily.  Leading us back to the original question, “Who makes the laws?”  Where are the lawmakers?

Knowledge Check!The US Constitution lays out plainly who the lawmakers are, who controls the various levers of American government, and how the government is expected to work.  Since the speakers (major and minor) in the US House and Senate refuse to perform their jobs and do not need to be politicians, I move to remove the current sitting speakers and hire third-party adjudicators immediately into these vacant spots.  Preferably people who are not beholden to any single party and employed by the Senate body for the House and the House for the Senate.  With terms to be set by the House for the Senate and the Senate for the House, but not to exceed the Constitutional mandates, and to be one-time events with no retirement benefits or out-of-office special benefits.

It is past time to get the government, of the people, by the people, back to working for the people!

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Why it matters – The Answer

Andragogy - LEARNTelomeres are strings on the end of a DNA chain.  The longer the telomere string, the healthier and longer the cell lives.  The reverse is also true, shorten the telomere string, and death and sickness occur.  There are a ton of peer-reviewed resources that can explain, detail, and expound about telomeres; feel free to look them up; please accept for the moment the statement is true.  While I am not going much further into telomeres and DNA science, the fact that long telomere strings and living healthier and happier are important correlational pieces of data essential to the rest of this article.

Learning and having a purpose are two separate but conjoined variables essential to keep the telomere string long and the DNA healthy.  However, both purpose and learning are individual choices with physical health consequences.  Please note, these two choices are not a magic bullet to the fountain of youth, nor are they going to change a person’s health overnight.  Both take long hours of investment and require a lifestyle change.

Non Sequitur - Carpe DiemWe begin with some important history.  John Dewey was an American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer whose ideas have been influential in education and social reform. He was one of the most prominent American scholars in the first half of the twentieth century.  In the 1900s, Dewey established how free people and free societies are built; they are built upon education and literacy.  Dewey then changed education to halt literacy and started a ball of ignorance and government theft of freedoms to begin.  Your reading habits were carefully taught to you during your trip through K-12 government schools.  Unless you purposefully chose to read, you will generally possess a dislike for reading that was taught to you to keep you functionally illiterate, thus programmable to government propaganda.  Dewey’s plan succeeded far and above his wildest dreams.

With this understanding, when the topic of lifelong learning is discussed, the central point becomes formal education failed purposefully to teach; thus, one’s desire for learning must be an internal commitment — a personal appetite for books, knowledge, and a thirst for learning.  When discussing the life and health-changing aspects of learning, this is the point, what are you doing to learn something new every day?  What was the last book you read?  Did you enjoy it?  Would you recommend it?Calvin & Hobbes - Irony Hurts

K-12 education taught you that learning something new was somebody else’s responsibility; whereas, the truth is precisely the opposite.  What you choose to learn will have direct consequences upon your health, mental and physical.  Hence the need for purpose.  Many people can study aimlessly and never fully obtain the full mental and physical health promises because they lack a purpose, a reason, and a motivating reason to direct efforts.  For example, I met a retired Major of the US Air Force; he pursued his MBA because he needed it for promotion.  No other purpose, no reason other than his career, and no genuine interest.  That he topped out at Major and Retired less than his desired rank goal ruined him from learning anything else.  He sits at home, lacking a purpose and reason, miserable.  He has not touched a book to read in years, his TV is his link to the world, and he feels like a failure.  In remembering my friend, I often think to weep at what could have been.

Jack Sparrow's compass - Pirates of the Caribbean Wiki - The Unofficial Pirates of the Caribbean ...A purpose is all about intention, a goal for which one intends, cognitively, to achieve.  A burning passion, a deep hunger, a longing, purpose, as a word, has many synonyms, but the end goal is the same, “What is it you want most?”  One of the reasons I am such a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean is the compass held by Captain Jack Sparrow.  The compass works when the captain knows what he wants, sailing is easier, and progress is made.  Failure to understand what he wants, to know absolutely his purpose, and the journey fails, chaos abounds, and trouble ensues.

Because purpose inspires learning, and both purpose and learning are fundamental to your good mental and physical health, the following suggestions are here for your consideration.  However, they also come with a warning, genuine interest.  I have an interest in a lot of different topics.  Sometimes, I have so many books I am in the middle of my desk looks like a public library threw up!  However, I also have topics that I have less than zero interest in ever pursuing.  I have had to learn where my genuine interests lie, primarily through exploring.  No one can give you wisdom or tell you what your interests are.Bait & Switch 2

Funny story, I discovered I had no interest in art.  None!  Paintings, sculpture, drawing, nothing.  No comprehension, no interest, no desire, nothing!  I discovered this during my associate’s degree, where I was forced to take an art class.  Now, I come from a long line of painters, sculptors, artists in different mediums.  My wife draws, paints, and makes music as an outlet for her artistic abilities.  I can barely doodle and generally do not care to try.  I know what I like but cannot describe the why when it comes to art because I have no interest in the how.  Hence the warning, discover where your genuine interests lay and pursue them relentlessly!

      1. Explore to discover your interests. Public libraries are my best friend!  I have been in some public libraries to borrow baking pans and molds to create different stuff for cooking.  Get to know your public library as the launch point for discovering interests.
      2. Ever think you might like to pursue a degree in something. Why not contact your local community colleges and universities.  Auditing a class is a great way to check your interest levels without investing money.
      3. How do you know when you have found a hidden interest; the secret is in your enthusiasm! Do you cheer to be able to study that topic?  Guess what, you found an interest!  Explore that interest to the Nth degree.  I discovered an interest in anthropology, economics, sociology, and psychology through studying history.  I have always been enthused to learn history.  However, the extra information gleaned from economics, anthropology, sociology, and psychology has made my enthusiasm for history deeper, more enjoyable, and more meaningful.  Measure your enthusiasm, you can become enthused easily and quickly, or slowly and with difficulty, but your enthusiasm is the compass for your interest and purpose.
      4. Volunteer to work with kids! I do not care about the age of the children.  It doesn’t matter if that volunteering occurs through a religious or non-profit organization, kids ask questions, and in asking questions, you learn.  Create time to volunteer.
      5. On the topic of volunteering, spend time in a long-term care facility as a professional listener. I have spent some great days listening to people, I have learned a lot, and let me tell you, I always leave the experience grateful and enthused.  Memorize a joke as a conversation starter, and listen.
      6. Don’t stop! I cannot emphasize this principle enough.  Failure is part of discovery; not stopping is part of discovery.  Hence, do not stop trying, and in not stopping, you will discover… you!

Knowledge Check!My wife is a journal writer.  I blog — others in my family webcast.  The final suggestion in discovering purpose and learning, write down the experiences.  The good, the bad, the failures, the successes, and in writing or recording your thoughts, you will discover new talents and inspire someone else when you share your thoughts.  I learned this lesson from Robert Fulghum, the author, artist, preacher, and storyteller, who happened to write the book “Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten.”  Want a guide on this voyage of discovery; pick up some of his books, “Uh-Oh,” “It was on fire when I laid down on it,” “Maybe, Maybe Not,” and so many others to choose from.  Mr. Fulghum makes an excellent guide on a voyage of discovery; take along an expert!

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NO MORE BS: Quasi-Science Video – A Rebuttal

ToolsIt is no secret; I enjoy the SloMo Guys, Smarter Every day, and several other YouTube channels.  The science behind slow-motion cameras and the science behind seeing interactions is amazing to me.  I have seen things on the SloMo Guys channel that has blown my mind; for example, watching a box truck roof get peeled back like an accordion compressing, two paintballs meeting in mid-air, or the action of splitting a bullet; amazing!

Yet, I am not pleased with a video observed today.  The channel on YouTube is called “It’s Okay to be Smart” and featured Gavin in collaboration from the SloMo Guys.  The specific video is titled “Visualizing Herd Immunity (with 500 Mousetraps!).”  If you have not seen the video, please watch and comment, for I am offering a discussion, not a lecture.

  1. I must be the thickest blockhead since Charlie Brown; I cannot compute how mousetraps and ping-pong balls represent a virus and herd immunity. I watched the video and was singularly unimpressed with the visuals.
  2. The basis for the demonstration was shown to reflect how germs spread. The narrator spends significant time talking about germs and mixing germ terminology into a pandemic.  Plasticizing the definitions of the separation of germs, bacteria, fungi, and viruses makes for lousy science and reflect a demented mind.
    • From, it is clear that a germ is not a virus, a bacterial infection is not the same as a viral infection, and mixing and matching the terms makes for lazy minds!
    • The following are the classes of infectious agents and a simple description. Infectious agents come in many shapes and sizes. Categories include:
        • Bacteria – Bacteria are one-celled organisms that can be seen only with a microscope.
        • Viruses – Viruses are just capsules that contain some genetic material, require a host to provide the missing genetic material, antibiotics designed for bacterial infections are useless against viral infections.
        • Fungi – Like bacteria, there are “good” and “bad” fungi, some are edible, like those fungi found in bread and cheese, others are in the air we breathe like molds, and athlete’s foot and ringworm are fungi.
        • Protozoans – Protozoans are single-celled organisms that behave like tiny animals — hunting and gathering other microbes for food. Like bacteria, there are helpful and hurtful protozoans found in nature and the human body.
        • Helminths – Helminths are among the larger parasites. Think intestinal worms, heartworms, and are transferred through eggs invading a host.
    • The terms and the infectious agents are NOT interchangeable; one infectious agent’s treatments will generally not work on another infectious agent type. Calling all infectious agents “germs” is at best disingenuous.Look
  1. There is an axiom used in corporate training, “Improvement will occur, regardless of whether training occurs or not.” The same is true for viral infections, as supported by the demonstrations of the video in question.  The difference between corporate training improvements and viral protection is minimal at best; both require a cost.  In business, the cost of not training is higher marketing costs, higher production costs, and the higher cost of a product or service.  In fighting viral infections, the cost is dead people.  Why do I claim this is minimal because to allow the number of dead to spread fear is a tool of liberal leftists to propose changing societies.
    • Death is coming for everyone, as the axiom claims, “Life: NO ONE gets out alive!”
    • Fear of death is insufficient to strip liberty, freedoms, and basic human rights from a population.
    • I am not advocating that death is inconsequential; I am claiming that allowing your choices to be restricted because someone else is scared of death is irrational and wrong.
  2. Basic Reproduction Number – R0=4
    • More quasi-science that does nothing but disregard facts through assumptions.
    • Actual Basic Reproduction Number Formula: R0 = ßT
      • R0 = Basic Reproduction Number: The first person to catch a disease.
      • ß = infection producing contacts per unit time
      • T = Mean infectious period: Time the host can spread the disease.
    • The following supplies a solid understanding of the basic reproduction number, from a peer-reviewed source, posted publicly on the CDC website, and represents true science:
      • Delamater, P. L., Street, E. J., Leslie, T. F., Yang, Y., & Jacobsen, K. H. (2019). Complexity of the Basic Reproduction Number (R0). Emerging Infectious Diseases, 25(1), 1-4.
    • From Delameter, Street, Leslie, Yang, and Jacobsen’s abstract, I want to make the following perfectly clear.
      • “R0 must be estimated, reported, and applied with great caution because this basic metric is far from simple.”
      • “R0 cannot be modified through vaccination campaigns.” Hence the video in question is spreading false and misleading data as science.
      • “R0 easily misrepresented, misinterpreted, and misapplied. R0 is not a biological constant for a pathogen, a rate over time, or a measure of disease severity.”
      • Hence, the person seeking truth must conclude that the video is not only misrepresenting science but blatantly lying about the basic reproduction number having any application to “Herd Immunity.”

President Trump won a lot of support from me when he called out liars for spreading lies, bias as fact, and personal opinion as news.  Plastic words and the tyranny of language surrounds each and every person worldwide.  Does herd immunity exist; yes, but you can get herd immunity both through not vaccinating a population and through vaccinating a population, which is always excluded from the discussions in an endeavor to sell more vaccines.  Pay close attention to the “mouse-print” that flashes on the screen in the video discussed.  The sources for the quasi-science are the same people trying to sell COVID-19 vaccinations.

Cute CalfPersonal interest does not create a scientific fact.  This saying is also reworded as, “Statistics prove nothing,” and from Mark Twain, “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.”  For example, an interesting factoid, when you see a commercial selling toothpaste, usually there is a claim that “9 out of 10 dentists agree.”  The study being referenced for this statistic is from the 1960s and was reporting that dentists generally agree that brushing your teeth is a good thing and flossing and regular dental checkups.  But there has never been a time study that showed any scientific support for toothbrushing producing better teeth, healthier gums, or that flossing is a good thing.  Hence, the dentists have a personal stake in selling dental visits; toothpaste, toothbrush, and flossing manufacturers have a personal stake in selling more products.  Thus, the statistic represents personal bias, personal interest, and personal desires, all as a fact to have you brush, floss, and visit your dentist regularly.  Is the pattern clear for the video under discussion?

If Pfizer and Moderna can “explain” something “science-like” that people will automatically presume is too difficult to understand, then they sell more vaccinations.  Remember, these companies cannot be sued for a faulty product, harm, long-term disability, or death.  Hence, selling more vaccines has no down-sides and is a game of chicken, where your life is on the line.

Andragogy - The PuzzleLet’s review some of the facts about the vaccines being peddled:

  • The Bio-Tech companies producing vaccinations are free from litigation.
  • The method of creating the vaccine is untried, untested, and unknown. Meaning, there have been zero long-term studies done regarding the health effects of the vaccine.  As a 20-yr old male, does the vaccine create problems with sterility; nobody knows.  Are you willing to bet your future on an untried drug in a game of chicken?
  • COVID is a common viral infection found in common colds.
  • Hydroxychloroquine is an antimalarial medicine approved in the United States to prevent or treat certain types of malaria, lupus erythematosus, and rheumatoid arthritis. Fauci reported hydroxychloroquine is good medicine for beating COVID viral infections in a peer-reviewed research paper.  Then Fauci lied.  Then Fauci made hydroxychloroquine a political issue to thwart President Trump.
  • Tonic Water, with Quinine, aids the immune system against malarial disease, works against COVID, and has limited side-effects and limited long-term health problems. Plus, it is inexpensive, easy to obtain, and tastes good!

Thus, I refute the video as being nothing more or less than falsehoods wrapped in quasi-science, deep-fried in personal opinion, and marketed to scare people into getting a questionable vaccine so the Bio-Tech firms can increase profit share.  I am not anti-vaccination.  I am for smart, informed, and intelligent decisions making, without marketing hype.  I am for people not making dangerous decisions about their health based upon questionable data, incomplete studies, and government/media fear-driven information.

Detective 4Where the COVID-19 vaccine is concerned, please ask questions.  Please keep asking questions until you are comfortable with your choice to vaccinate or not to vaccinate, to mask or not to mask, or to comply or not comply.  The government has been winning because conservatives first believe in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.  Please question whether the “law” is really a “law” or an executive order tyranny masquerading as law.  Please ask why a common cold (COVID) is being treated as dangerous when COVID has a 99.99% survival rate.  Please question why a measles outbreak is not treated the same as a COVID outbreak when measles is more contagious, potentially more deadly, and possibly disfiguring.

Chicken Pox is a viral infection but is not regarded the same as COVID-19 (SAR-COV-2); do you ever ask yourself why?  The video claims Smallpox has been eradicated; but, one thing Mother Nature has proven time and again, nothing is ever gone; it’s just waiting for a new population.  Discussing Smallpox is not fear-mongering but merely an expression that problems still lurk, even with vaccines.

GearsFor example, scientists went to an Alaskan village where the Spanish Flu was prevalent and dug up bodies from the permafrost to harvest the Spanish Flu.  Then began studying what they found.  Humans are regularly on the path of their own demise, and Hollywood and other media channels have made vast sums on this exact premise.  Dig up a virus; the virus escapes the lab, huge populations die.  Where humans and infectious agents cross, there is always danger and opportunity, risk and reward.

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