Generic Job Description – Corporate Trainer

Title: Corporate Trainer
Department: Human Resources – Training Department

Position Summary:
The trainer is expected to lead all corporate training efforts, employing specific and appropriate communication skills to communicate and negotiate with all stakeholders in the organization.  The trainer will be a lifelong learner keeping current on professional and business skills to remain current in the best teaching and training methods, business practices, and operations.  The trainer will be compliant with legal and ethical standards and reflect, through behavior, an example to all stakeholders.  The trainer will be an integral part of the business operations and decision-making process, knowledgeable in training metrics to measure performance, maintain professional networks inside and outside the business, and use technology to enhance the training provided.

As the trainer will instruct online and face-to-face delivery methods, preparation for instruction, strategic and tactical planning, and instructional design skills are desired but not mandatory for this position.  Imperative to success in this position will be the need to learn and apply leadership, management, and business skills to be the training subject matter expert.  The trainer will be expected to implement knowledge-based solutions in every action and interaction to support a customer-focused and results-driven environment.

Essential Duties:

    • Stimulate and maintain a learning environment to build and sustain learner motivation and engagement.
    • Prioritize while taking a positive approach to challenging issues, reflecting the ability to think creatively, proactively, and positively about people and situations.
    • Demonstrate effective presentation, facilitation, and questioning skills to stimulate learner motivation.
    • Provide feedback, clarification, and performance evaluation to build and sustain a lifelong learning environment.
    • Promote the transfer of knowledge and skills from the learning environment to operational excellence.
    • Coaches, mentors, and support front-line employees in applying skills learned in training.
    • Coaches, mentors, and support leaders in applying skills learned in training.
    • Communicate and present information effectively in written, visual, and oral form, evaluating communication methods to improve and build learners.
    • Experienced in positive approaches to conflict resolution situations.
    • Plan instructional situations while employing various methods of knowledge retention activities following the strategic business plans.
    • Participate in the planning and promoting of organizational changes to stimulate the learning and growth of learners and other stakeholders.
    • Reflective listening.
    • Skilled and experienced in leading, planning, and participating in role-playing.

Desirable Knowledge:

    • Enthusiastic in teaching and desire to learn to improve.
    • Knowledge and experience in organizing and maintaining multiple efforts and training events.
    • Knowledge and experience in planning and organizing learning events.
    • Proficient in using a computer.
    • Exceptional motivational, interpersonal, and customer service skills; demonstrated leadership and management skills.
    • Excellent problem solving, decision making, and analytical skills to drive root cause analysis and effect situations where training is needed.
    • Enthusiastic, energetic, and motivating personality and attitude.
    • Listening skills, especially reflective listening
    • Can DO!
    • Communication skills, verbal and written, in English-speaking environments.
    • Experience in Quality Control and Quality Assurance, including side-by-sides, ghosting, and recorded.
    • Feedback mechanisms

Minimum Education and Experience Required:

    • Minimum 2 years of coaching, mentoring, and leadership experience.
    • Any teaching experience.
    • Prezi/PowerPoint/Adobe Captivate/etc. experience in preparing data for an audience.
    • Experience in writing reports and communicating data.
    • A committed lifelong learner is willing to be a role model to learners.
    • Customer service champion inside and outside the company.
    • Willing to learn the business and teach “the why” in business processes.
    • Demonstrate understanding of business operations, service standards, and metrics.

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Dual service military veteran. Possess an MBA in Global Management and a Masters degree in Adult Education and Training. Pursuing a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Business professional with depth of experience in logistics, supply chain management, and call centers.

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