NO MORE BS: The Tyranny of Executive Orders

Scared Eyes!By current count, President Biden has signed 33 Executive Diktats in 6-days of his presidential reign.  Interesting fact, 30 of those Executive Orders were signed within his first three-days in office.  Hence, let’s review those Executive Orders:

  1. What is the purpose and reason for the following order?
    • Requires executive branch appointees to sign an ethics pledge barring them from acting in personal interest and requiring them to uphold the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) independence.
    • Aren’t executive branch appointees adult enough to follow the standard ethical requirements standard to working in the Federal Government? If not, why are they not mature enough to act ethically?  If so, why the pledge?
    • What is this about the “independence” of the DOJ?
    • Apparently, this “Ethics Pledge” was used in the Obama Presidency; how did that work out? Not very well, leaving me to wonder and question the sanity of demanding the pledge.  Worse, why does Section 3 of the pledge allow a waiver provided the U.S. President and the head of the OMB grant the waiver “in the public’s interest?”
    • Section 5: Enforcement, What does this mean?

“Solely enforceable by the United States pursuant to this section by any legally available means, including debarment proceedings within any affected executive agency or judicial civil proceedings for declaratory, injunctive, or monetary relief.”

Reading the rest of Section 5 leaves me wondering about legal witch hunts where government power can be selectively used to punish, hinder, hamper, and pursue anyone the President decides has violated the ethics pledge.  I have some deep and abiding concerns about an “Ethics Pledge,” the insanity of repeating President Obama’s mistakes, and the legal loopholes.

  1. Where is the President of the United States’ authority to dictate to individual states that passengers have to wear a mask on intercity buses?
    • The President has assumed the control of all sorts of modes and methods of transportation to the demise of American’s everywhere! Want to see tyranny in action; there is NO authority for this Executive Order.  Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it allow the sitting President power to dictate mask-wearing.  Nowhere in the Federal Code is a President allowed this power.  This specific order violates State’s Rights and the Legislative Branch authorities; why exactly does the President feel empowered to order mask-wearing?
    • The CDC cannot issue laws; as a branch of the Executive Government, the CDC can only issue guidelines. If these are to be enforceable laws, the Legislative Branch must agree and issue legislation based upon those guidelines.
    • Nowhere in the mask mandating illegal and unethical Executive Order are pre-existing conditions that make mask-wearing unsafe or impossible are mentioned. Why?
    • Where did the President gain the power to mandate people arriving at America’s Ports of Entry the authority to require they have the vaccine for COVID or a recent negative test result? Show me, wherein the law is this allowed?  What other viral diseases and infections are treated in a similar manner?  Mandating a negative test result is a direct violation of HIPAA!  Where are the Legislative and Judicial  Branches in smacking down this diktat from the tyrant in office as President?  Where COVID testing is concerned, what virus is being tested for, and how do you protect against false positives?
  2. Some of the Executive Orders are housekeeping stuff, changes which normally occur from one President to another as the Executive Branch head. While many of these changes are non-issues, I wonder why the regulatory approval process keeps changing from President to President?  When how regulatory approval processes change, there is a tremendous cost involved, along with a considerable amount of confusion for those workers involved.
  3. Why aren’t the following immigration Executive Orders legislation Liberians DACA?
    • The Liberian issues have been an ongoing issue for several presidencies. There is some legislation in place, but as usual, no one read it, passed it, and the executive branch cannot promptly do their jobs in implementing the legislation due to the insanity of the bill passed.
    • What are the two jobs of elected representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate, write laws and scrutinize government. By failing to write laws that make sense, scrutinizing government becomes ever more impossible!  Do you feel represented by your government yet?
    • DACA – Daca begins with an illegal and unethical Executive Order, couched in legalese that made appear the President had the authority to subvert the U.S. Constitution and implement legislation without the Legislative Branch input.
    • Since its inception, DACA has continued to be a political hot potato for the Legislative Branch, so the Executive Branch acted without authority and created a mess! Remember, no action of a legitimate government is without injury!  Worse, DACA created a Presidential voting block for those who will promote the President’s illegal activities!
  4. On this Executive Order, pay close attention to the language used, what is said, and what has been conveniently left out of the Executive Order. Tyranny is as much what is said as what is not expressed but implied.
  • “Proclamation on Ending Discriminatory Bans on Entry to The United States” is the Executive Order’s official title. What is discriminatory about secure borders?
    • The Executive Order affected or influenced, Executive Order 13780, and Proclamations 9645, 9723, and 9983. Now, it is common practice for a President to change previous Presidential Proclamations as they see fit.  There is nothing wrong with changing previous Presidential Executive Orders; this is where tyranny and confusion occur every time a presidency changes hands.
    • Section 2 of this Executive Order is all about directing embassies in clearing Visa and Waiver Processing. Again, perfectly acceptable actions for a new president to take.
    • Section 3 orders the Executive Branch members to send the President a report on information-sharing and strengthening relationships. Still, perfectly legal and acceptable use of presidential power.
    • Nowhere in this Executive Order are the security issues that the original Executive Order 13780 and Proclamations 9645, 9723, and 9983 were based upon. Did the world wave a magic wand and suddenly become safe enough to trust other government’s abilities to vet their own citizens for international travel properly?  The security risks remain too great for specific countries, who have habitually poor government processes and records, to trust their citizens.  Have we forgotten about all those passports issued by governments of terrorists, found in Afghanistan, who had free international travel ability?
    • The power of tyranny is strong with this President! Where is the Legislative Branch in demanding security and passing legislation that ends this Executive Order game of hot potato and protects America?
  1. Executive Orders are killing the Border Wall and the Keystone Pipeline.
    • There is no mention in the Executive Orders of the costs involved in stopping these projects, the costs from leaving these projects in the lurch, or the hundreds of primary and thousands of secondary and tertiary jobs that have died.
    • Energy Security, Border Security, strengthening the ties between nations, none of that matters or is mentioned in the Executive Orders. Rule by diktat is killing America, and you can personally visit these sites of tyranny in action and ask yourself if your vote for Biden was worth the loss, the cost, and the resource waste!
    • Do you build strong walls on your property for protection; why are America’s borders any different than your home boundaries?
    • Do you like seeing other American’s at work; I do! What is more important, keeping America secure or pandering to a leftist liberal talking point?  How valuable will a liberal talking point be when terrorists start streaming over the US Southern Border?  Look at the number of illegals from non-Central and South American countries and tell me the value of a liberal talking point.  All while the liberals all live behind tall walls and security.
    • Let me talk frankly and honestly, feel free to research these facts and others, and let’s engage in conversation. America’s slipperiest enemy in WWI and WWII, who hosted spies, allowed for what we now call terrorists, and protected America’s enemies since inception, is Mexico!
    • Consider the following from
      1. On the home front, hundreds of thousands of farmworkers crossed the border to work (illegal immigration) for U.S. agricultural companies as part of the Bracero Program, which would outlast the war by nearly two decades and have a lasting impact on the relations between the two North American nations [emphasis mine]. Want to know where the “migrant worker” infestation started, the Bracero Program.  Remember, legitimate actions of the government always injure!
      2. Bill Mills wrote, “Treacherous Passage: Germany’s Secret Plot against the United States in Mexico during World War I.” An excellent resource for those looking for the truth about the U.S. and Mexico relationship during WWI.
      3. Never forget the Duquesne Spy Ring. A Nazi spy ring was operating in the U.S. before the start of WWII, where Mexico’s help in supporting German Agents was paramount to their success in America.
      4. February 1918: WWI counterintelligence agents get their man. More on Mexico and supporting spies in America.

Theres moreUnfortunately, the Executive Orders discussed herein are not even the tip of the iceberg of tyranny launched in the first 6-days in office.  America’s national security was blown out of the water.  Executive orders are issued where legislation is desperately needed, where fair business was stopped when America desperately needs to end the lockdowns and go back to work.  Dr. Fauci’s WHO leader, more pandemic actions destined to fail, expanding the size and cost of government in the Executive Branch without a peep from the U.S. House of Representatives asking the President how he plans to pay for expanding government, and so much more.

America, we cannot afford 4-years of Biden/Harris as leaders of America!  We have not yet recovered from the 8-years of failed government under President Obama and the weak-kneed 8-years under President Bush II.  America has legitimate security needs where a wall along the entire US Southern Border is mandatory!  America has energy commitments and requirements that the Keystone Pipeline will help alleviate.  America needs to end the lockdowns, stop the masking mandates, and return freedom to the people to live and work.  Yet, all these issues and more are being mandated to us instead of discussed in legislative sessions.

Andragogy - LEARNRule by Executive Order is tyranny, plain and simple!  President Biden is extending the illegal actions of President Obama in issuing Executive Orders that exceed his presidential authorities.  Your political party means nothing; your freedoms are being stolen by the occupant who just barely swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution and is blatantly abusing the same!  The fraudulent President is proving his insanity is real, and we are only a week into his term of office.

Detective 4Where are the elected members of the Legislative Branch demanding the President cease and desist?  Do you feel represented by the U.S. President?  Do you feel confident in the Legislative Branch to scrutinize the Executive Branch and demand correction?  Where are the State’s Attorneys’ General filing with the Judicial Branch to halt the tyranny of a power-mad president?  Under President Trump, before the Executive Orders were typed, they had litigious actions filed with the court, hearings scheduled, injunctions ready to thwart, and were screaming to the media; why are they silent now?  The silence is deafening!

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