NO MORE BS: A Truth Revealed

Life ValuedIt is no secret that I left the US Navy disabled.  One of those disabilities is a low-lung volume, which has been increasing since I was injured in the service.  Until March 2020, this low-lung volume issue has been refused to be taken seriously by the VA.  As soon as I got arrested, the first time, for not wearing a mask, my low-lung volumes have been steadily receiving slightly more attention from the providers at the VA.  On Tuesday, I met with my primary care provider (PCP) in a virtual appointment.  My doctor let slip something very critical, “COVID is receiving an emotional response.”

The emotional responses to COVID include irrational “security” policies that saw COVID positive, symptomatic members of the US House of Representatives somehow traveling to Washington DC to share in the electing of Speaker Pelosi to the leadership of the US House of Representatives, and infecting other members of the house in the process.  Consider this issue for a moment, Pelosi has been cheering out of control governors in Michigan, New York, California, New Mexico, etc. as they have robbed their citizens of fundamental human rights, ruined their businesses, and enforced a police state, all in the name of public health.  Yet, for politickal purposes, members of her political party somehow were able to travel and vote for her as the speaker.  At last count, three party members have been tested for COVID after interacting with these infected and symptomatic people, and the number is growing.  An emotionally fueled response indeed!

Not Passion's Slave - Emotions and ChoiceThe government abusing you relies upon the media controlling yyour emotions, emotional reactions, and your addiction to strongly emoting.  Do you understand this connection?  The TV is the medium of choice to communicate strong emotional responses.  Social media has been researched and found to be influential and connected to strong emotional reactions.  Your emotions are being controlled by what media you watch and the social media platforms you use to connect to other people.  In recognizing this influence, I am not advocating for being unemotional, nor am I casting aspersions about emotions.  I am asking you to consider and choose carefully who controls your emotions and emotional responses!

While shopping today, more stickers have appeared, begging people to stop cleaning the point-of-sale machines, as this is destroying the machines.  On a trip to the US Post Office, I was recently confronted by a gentleman who derided me for not wearing a mask.  Today at Trader Joe’s, I experienced more mask discrimination.  Still, the VA Hospital in Phoenix refuses me entry and medical support because I cannot safely wear a mask.  Fear is an emotional response spurred during COVID by the Media and supported by the politicians.

CourageThe Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) reported some interesting numbers on the emotional toll of COVID in America in August 2020.  These are the most recent numbers I can find, and I can only presume that these numbers grew with the holidays now past.  53%, up from 32 % reported in March, saw adults stressing and worrying about COVID and the pandemic results and resulting economic shrinking.  Alcohol consumption has been steadily increasing every month the pandemic continues to lock people in their homes.  Suicide is always heartbreaking, but when children as young as ten have committed suicide over the pandemic, heartbreaking has become obscene, and those responsible for generating this fear and loneliness need to be held accountable.

Dr. Sammarco, a psychologist, said, “while the number of people under 18 who have committed suicide has dropped over the past few years, that doesn’t show the full story. “I would say the more recent trend is down (for children committing suicide), but what does that mean overall?  For years, suicide among young people was relatively rare, but from 2007 to 2017, the number of 10-24-year-olds committing suicide increased from 6.8 deaths per 100,000 people to 10.6.  Dr. Sammarco thinks one reason behind the suicide in these younger people may be technology-related.  “In some ways, it’s good that we have this information generation where they can get information.  But in some ways, it’s really bad because their young brains cannot handle some of the information they get and that they see, and sometimes it affects them very negatively. I mean, maybe they never would’ve thought of doing something had they not Googled something.”

The excerpt above is from the report of a suicide in Feb 2020, Ohio.  An 11-year old child committed suicide.  Frankly, I think Dr. Sammarco was wholly too detached from this episode.  How many more suicides will America suffer due to COVID?  When counting suicides, let’s include murder-suicides in that group.  Both are tragic and deserving more resources to avoid, suicides and murder-suicides are born of fear, and the media should be held culpable for constantly feeding the fear.

Finest HourKFF reports, “A broad body of research links social isolation and loneliness to poor mental health…” Social isolation and loneliness are the emotional response hallmarks to COVID; where are the politicians being held accountable for their power-grabs, freedom-theft, and police state?  When will the media be turned off and shunned for constantly feeding emotions with more negativity?

I fully support an individual’s liberty, ability to choose and make informed decisions, and that person can enjoy the consequences.  I also fully support intervening when a personal choice is going to cause familial and societal chaos, hurt, and lifelong problems.  I understand the place a person considering suicide is coming from; I have been in that dark pit, and thank the people who helped me.  The following are suggestions for your consideration:

      1. Take off your mask, walk outside, and rejoice in good old sunshine disinfectant!
      2. Reach out. Country Singer Matt Kennon sang, “The Call.”  Be the hero that song expresses; make the call!
      3. Stop watching the news! I understand the need to remain informed, know the addiction to the news, and fully appreciate the loneliness that not having the TV on appears to fill.  Still, find alternatives!  Exercise your right not to be lied to.
      4. Sometimes the bravest thing you can do is ask for help. Please, ask!  Please talk about what you are experiencing.  Please, be brave!
      5. The last suggestion might seem to be totally insane, but in refusing to be lied to, cease social media. If not totally, cut back to a level where your emotional health improves.  Social media comparison influences what we do, just for the glory of a picture and an instant of recognition.  I completely understand; many people have become addicted to the social media rush of attention from families, friends, and strangers.  Is your mental health worth the cost of remaining socially connected through media?

Kindness QuoteJohnny Cash sang, “Ragged Old Flag.”  Consider how strong America has been throughout history when neighbors helped, stood together, and reached out.  America’s strength has never been in the capitals across this land, but on the main streets, the local parks, the churches, and the work to be neighborly.  We can continue this trend, and turning off the TV and social media is not that high of a price.  Your emotions are your choice and should not be molested or controlled by anyone other than you!

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