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cropped-logo-3.jpgThe intent of this blog is to provide ideas, discuss new options, and drive business thinking forward.  As a project manager, business professional, and lifelong learner, it has become apparent that current thinking is sinking opportunities, wasting resources, and opening business to attack from government agencies intent to ruin achievers.

I aim to change this by publishing that which can provide new thinking on old topics.  All I ask is that when reading, you employ an open mind.  When commenting, use professional language.  By banding together, standing firm, and continuing to work hard, America can begin to become a place of innovation, manufacturing, and developing the ideas for tomorrow again.

With an MBA in Global Management specializing in Human Resources, a Masters Degree in Adult Education, and in pursuing a PhD as an Organizational Psychologist, this blog covers business topics, training topics, government, and ideas for improving American Society.

Are we in trouble?  We didn't do it!!!
Are we in trouble? We didn’t do it!!!

   Welcome, now let’s go to work!


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Dual service military veteran. Possess an MBA in Global Management and a Masters degree in Adult Education and Training. Pursuing a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Business professional with depth of experience in logistics, supply chain management, and call centers.

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